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12 Jan 2022

In case you're involved in an anti-corruption case, can you still be 100% tax compliant?

01 Dec 2021

How to run an automation project for VAT, CbCR and Pillar II?

17 Nov 2021

LATAM Country Update – Tax and Transfer Pricing related developments

13 Oct 2021

German Transfer Pricing Modifications: Challenges for Multinational Taxpayers

06 Oct 2021

How do organizations deal with reshaping the tax function of the future?

29 Sept 2021

New Zealand and Australia Transfer Pricing - Recent Developments

7 Jul 2021

2020 and 2021 TP trends in Germany – Extensions in law and guidelines on mandatory documentation

23 Jun 2021

Towards a co-compliance model for tax between tax authorities and tax payers

23 Apr 2021

How Do The Tax Authorities Deal With Tax Data Management - Digital Mailbox

7 Apr 2021

Getting Towards An End-To-End Technology Solution on VAT for Europe

24 Feb 2021

How To Automate The Relevant Tax Data Transfer Into Your Country-By-Country Reporting?

10 Feb 2021

A Structured & Automated Model for HQ/SSC/Other Intercompany Service Charges - The 3x3x3 & One Biller Approach

3 Feb 2021

Transfer Pricing and Pharmaceuticals

27 Jan 2021

SasViya / Connector / Source Tier

21 Jan 2021

Value Chain Analysis – The Next Generation of Transfer Pricing

13 Jan 2021

Compliance Tracker + OneraX

25 Nov 2020

Lego for Tax - The Next Digital Transformation

11 Nov 2020

How to maximize the value of your IP

4 Nov 2020

FY 2020 Transfer Pricing Documentation- how to deal with the Covid-19 impact?

21 Oct 2020

The future of the Brazilian transfer pricing rules

3 Jun 2020

Intercompany Financing insights: BEPS Oriented and during a Crisis period

27 May 2020

2020 Tax & Data Analytics Playbook – Preparing and Harnessing Data for Tax

13 May 2020

2020 Next Generation Compliance Factories

29 Apr 2020

How to deal with your digital transformation in practice – TPA Global presents its 2020 Tax Automation Playbook

8 Apr 2020

Getting ready for E-invoicing across the globe: challenges and solutions

26 Feb 2020

French Tax Authorities: A Different Perspective on Taxation

19 Feb 2020

Getting Ready for E-invoicing in India: Perspectives on System Integration and Tax Compliance

3 Feb 2020

How To Deal With Uncertain Tax Positions And The Mandatory Disclosure Under DAC-6?

24 Jan 2020

TPA Global's Approach On Holistic Quantitative Value Chain Analysis And The Connection To The 'Unified' Approach

18 Dec 2019

Tax Technology: Transforming Your Tax Functions To Gain Benefit From Technology

11 Dec 2019

Custom Control Frame Work And The Use Of Smart Data Analytics

27 Nov 2019

Tax Controversy - Impact Of 'Disruptive' Digitalization Processes on Taxpayers

30 Oct 2019

Is the Arm's Length Principle still valid after the Starbucks and Fiat judgments?

10 Oct 2019

Global Tax Controversy Management - Focus: Digital Economy

5 Sept 2019

Fit For Future: A Refined Approach To Tax Risk Management


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