Tax Technology Journey

Tax Technology

How technology transforms the world of tax

The Tax Technology Playbooks helps you learn how to deal with digital transformation for tax workflows and teams. Through the Tax Technology Playbooks, TPA Global have been communicating the following topics:

  1. addressing the ‘Why Tax Technology?’ question and how to set up your own tax technology roadmap;
  2. how to drive efficiencies by embracing an automated compliance factory;
  3. replace the tax risk management manual process by digital tax data analytics.

All three creates awareness that the style and format of tax workflows are drastically changing. What does this mean for you?  Take a look through the three different tax technology playbooks to understand how you can use tax technology to enhance your business.

2021 Tax Automation

In the first tax technology playbook we discuss about tax automation in 2020. As can be seen, tax workflows are becoming more burdensome due to the multiple deadlines and complex requirements. Meanwhile, CFOs are pushing tax departments to cut costs and automate “routine” compliance tasks. Therefore, with so much external and internal pressure, tax teams are wondering: ‘What should really be done to automate tax workflows?’

It becomes a necessity for corporations to pave their way towards digitalization. In order to deliver digital that works, you need to focus not only in the right software and process, but also to select and train the right people.

Key Highlights

The webinar discusses the practical aspects and experience on the following topics:

• The WHY on Tax + Technology;
• Tax + Technology plan;
• Best practices for Data Architecture;
• Examples of implementing technologies into tax workflows;
• How to manage a transformation;
• The way towards digitalization.


• Steef Huibregtse, CEO at TPA Global;
• Geoff Peck, Taxologist at PawPaw Taxology;
• Emily Dobbie, Head of Tax Technology at TPA Global.

2021 Next Generation Compliance Factories

The second tax technology playbooks touches upon the need for compliance factories. Compliance is becoming more burdensome due to multiple deadlines and complex requirements. Late filings and errors are commonplace and this can have a significant impact on company finances and reputation.

Meanwhile, CFOs are pushing to cut costs and outsource “routine” compliance tasks. However, reliance on manual processes and spreadsheets as well as simple labour cost arbitrage are not working anymore. Being in such a Catch 22, you might be wondering: How can I organize compliance in a smart way?

Key Highlights

This webinar is an excellent opportunity for CFOs, Heads of Tax and Transfer Pricing Departments to work on the following areas:

• What are Compliance Factories and why they are needed;
• Transformation Process;
• Change Management;
• Platforms, dashboards and other tools.


• Orlando Fijma, TPA Global
• Maria Grigoryeva, TPA Global

2021 Tax Data Analytics

The third tax technology playbook highlights the importance of tax data analytics in the current digital world. Nowadays MNE’s generate more and more data. This data forms, among others, the basis for Tax filings and Tax compliance. IT infrastructures tend to get more complex and data is generated and stored on multiple platforms. This makes it challenging for MNE’s to deliver the requested tax information. Numerous resources are occupied with collecting and transforming data, therefore leaving little time for Control.

To be and to remain tax compliant, MNE’s need to deliver tax related information in an automated and cost-, resource- and time-efficient manner. Data Analytics on Tax provides insight and creates value as part of tax/ internal control framework.

Key Highlights

The webinar discusses the practical aspects and experience on the following topics:

• The WHY on Tax & Data Analytics;
• The HOW of Data Analytics;
• Best practices for Data Architecture;
• The journey towards compliance;
• Tax skills and functions;
• Examples of possible solutions.


• Steef Huibregtse, TPA Global
• Robert de Vries, Ex Nihilo
• Stephen Curtis, Cross Border Analytics, Inc
• Geoff Peck, PawPaw Taxology

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