Train Yourself On Tax And Technology

Tax Technology

By inspiring people, structuring your tax workflows and subsequently selecting the appropriate technology, TPA through this Tax Technology Journey with ‘clickable topics’ challenges you. There are 6 different points on this journey, starting with the User Experience (UX) Day – how to work as a tax professional in the future. After which you can take a look at the 3 different playbooks on digital transformation (why would you add technology to your tax workflows), the next generation of compliance factories as well as the fact that tax risk management would be restated to be tax data analytics in the future. The third point allows you to immerse yourself into 11 taped soundbites about tax data analytics, tax data management and tax data architecture. Leading you to a series of building blocks for tax webinar series, where each webinar connects one software type to another. For CFOs and Heads of Tax, the Whitepaper on The Future of Tax in 2025, highlights for them what the future of tax will bring and what that means for their tax team. Lastly, having a practical checklist on what is the challenges most corporates are faced with in dealing with tax and technology and in general, the digital transformation of in-house tax workflows is always interesting and helpful to determine the challenges you are faced with.

The whole approach is that tax professionals are at different levels of understanding and/or interest on tax technology, so you may read the journey in 30 seconds or you might be the one to spend 3 and a half hours on it. Whether it be the former or the latter, if you aspire to train yourself on tax and technology – this would be a good starting point.

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