Belt SystemTax Technology

Certification and career path for tax technology teams and professionals

What is the Belt System?

TPA Global’s sister company e-Bright, in collaboration with Xyto Taxology, has created the first tax technology certification called the “Belt System”.

It provides corporates with the right training for their tax technology teams who lead and execute digital transformation projects, while offering individuals a career path and certification in tax technology.

Belt System Levels

Yellow Belt

Yellow Belts have a basic understanding of tax technology trends and terminology

Orange Belt

Orange Belts are able to better navigate projects and establish a tax technology roadmap

Light Green Belt

Light Green Belts understand how tax technology projects should be run and how to communicate tax-relevant data with stakeholders

Dark Green Belt

Dark Green Belts can further improve technology adoption, navigate tax transformation, and respond insightfully to digital disruption

Black Belt

Black Belt certified professionals become experts in a specific Tax Technology area



- Get the right skills and knowledge to execute and lead digital transformation projects
- Gain insights into digital data streams from enterprise to tax authorities
- Eliminate compliance risk
- Provide a career path for your tax technology talent
- Increase retention of your tax technology talent
- Configure your new tax organization
- Adapt to the latest trends and requirements of the data-driven world of tax


-Become a certified tax technology specialist
- Get exposure to keep up with modern tax technology peers
- Stay up-to-date with the fast-moving digital world of tax
- Obtain a basic skillset of coding, adaptive learning, project management, and communication with stakeholders
- Become part of a train-the-trainer community
- Get job security for life

Want to learn more?

Contact us for detailed information on the certification, the individual belts, and how to get started.

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