Tax Technology Training & Certification

With the right training, and formal certification, we equip tax teams and professionals for the ditigal future of tax.

Building the tax teams of tomorrow

Up-to-date courses

We refer to courses that are up-to-date with the latest developments in tax

Formal certification

Through our sister company, we offer a first-of-its-kind certification in tax technology

Custom training

We offer custom training based on the needs and expertise of your team


Introducing the Belt System certification for tax professionals

TPA Global’s sister company e-Bright, in collaboration with Xyto Taxology, has created the first tax technology certification called the “Belt System”.

It provides corporates with the right training for their tax technology teams who lead and execute digital transformation projects, while offering individuals a career path and certification in tax technology.

Yellow Belt

Yellow Belts have a basic understanding of tax technology trends and terminology

Orange Belt

Orange Belts are able to better navigate projects and establish a tax technology roadmap

Light Green Belt

Light Green Belts understand how tax technology projects should be run and how to communicate tax-relevant data with stakeholders

Dark Green Belt

Dark Green Belts can further improve technology adoption, navigate tax transformation, and respond insightfully to digital disruption

Black Belt

Black Belt certified professionals become experts in a specific Tax Technology area

Explore other courses

e-Bright is the sister company of TPA Global and is led by TPA Global’s CEO, Steef Huibregtse. It is an e-learning platform that offers courses, articles, use-cases and whitepapers in tax technology, transfer pricing, and international tax.

With a background in tax technology, e-Bright is able to support TPA Global in digital transformation projects. More specifically, it offers coaching in governance, tax technology solutions, and the skillset and knowledge of the future tax professional.

Train yourself in tax and technology

Tax Technology Journey

The ‘Tax Technology Journey’ is designed to guide tax professionals through a series
of educational materials that prepare them for the future of tax.

UX Tax Day

Follow a UX Day for tax professionals.
In the future, our daily tasks as a tax professional will be to:
1. Assess data
2. Feed data into software
3. Get fit for purpose outputs

Tax Technology Playbooks

Through playbooks, we adress:
1. The “why” on tax technology to develop your own tax technology roadmap;
2. How to drive efficiencies by embracing an automated compliance factory;
3. How to replace the tax risk management by tax data analytics.

Data Analytics

The concept of ‘tax data architecture’, ‘tax data management’ and ‘tax data analytics’ are being captured in a series of 11 taped soundbites.

Building blocks for tax

TPA Global hosted a webinar series on ‘Building Blocks for Tax Software’, where each webinar connects one software type with another through the use of connectors or so-called APIs.

The future of tax in 2025

All the previous check points lead to being able to deliver ‘turnkey projects on tax technology’. Such BPOs on tax will become the new ‘tax engine’ of most companies dealing with international tax and its digital complexities imposed by tax authorities.

Tax technology challenges

After following the journey, you can asses what are your top 25 challenges for your in-house tax workflows. Use the checklist provided as guidance.

Want to learn more?

Contact us for detailed information on the certification, the courses, and how to get started.

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