"Are You In Control" TP Assessment

TPA Global has developed a Transfer Pricing “in control” assessment to help you evaluate the performance of your TP function and define an “in control” statement on your TP processes. The starting point for organizing the structure of the in-house tax function is a decision as to what are the key focus areas. TPA has defined the nine building blocks (workflows) of a successful in-house TP function which is at the core of TP in control assessment.

This assessment captures insights across the entire TP function using structured questionnaire and interviews facilitated by TPA Global professionals. The questionnaire opens up into nine building blocks which together are comprised of 45 components (questions) – each of which is assessed and described as a series of behaviors on a scale of one (ad hoc or no practices) to five (state of the art practices and processes). The assessment also aims to identify the desired future maturity levels. Our approach will not only help you to get the as is picture of your company’s TP function but also will allow you to better understand how to bridge the gap between the current practice and the desired level to minimize potential tax and transfer pricing risks.

Our Methodology

  1. Maturity levels of nine TP processes are assessed and described as a series of behaviors on a scale of one (ad hoc or no practices) to five (state of the art practices and processes)
  2. Desired maturity levels of all nine TP processes are defined
  3. Aggregated result of the assessment is transformed into meaningful and predictive insights (spider web diagram)
  4. A plan for closing the gaps between current practice and the desired future level is recommended

Your Benefits

  • Assess internal TP function performance, identify performance gaps and develop an action plan to address these gaps;
  • Prerequisite for responsible and quantified tax/TP planning;
  • Risk management – more certainty about existing and future TP processes;
  • Direct behavior of the tax/TP people to the right direction;
  • Help communicate your internal and external stakeholders that your company is in control; and
  • Provides a system for efficiency in the (tax/TP) organization and encouraged continuous development.

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