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Technology Partners

  • Blika
  • Cygnet Infotech
  • eClear
  • Intra Pricing Solutions
  • OneraX
  • SeerTax
  • TaxModel
  • TriFinance
  • TTI
Blika’s platform and services help large multinational companies to manage head office data making sure compliance is guaranteed.

Blika offers flexible SaaS solutions for tax and legal departments of large multinationals.

Blika Platform

The Blika Platform is a web-based tax and legal data management solutions which enables you to collect, structure, file and store data. The platform is scalable and you can add modules that meet your needs or customize it for specific requirements. It offers three modules: Tax management, transfer pricing, and legal management.

The legal entity management module forms the base for all other modules by keeping track of the legal entities within your group. The module saves the basic information of each company in your group such as TIN number, signatory, name changes, board members, address etc.

The Tax Risk and IFRIC 23 module allows your company group to efficiently collect and structure tax risks and uncertain tax positions throughout the company group and keep track of them over time. This will allow your company group to make accurate assessments of the maximum liability and the risk level of the group, which serve as a base for a decision on how much you provide in your accounts.

The filing tracker initiates an automated process to keep track of your different filing deadlines throughout the group. The ability to appoint roles and responsibilities to your editors ensure that all deadlines are kept with. The solution will automatically keep track of the deadlines and notify task owners of upcoming filings and tasks to complete via e-mails.

Transactions which falls within the hallmarks of DAC 6 shall be reported to a tax authority within 30 days. The module provides you with a simple but effective process to help your organization to collect reportable transactions. Gives you control of the localized help required to support your local reporters in identifying reportable arrangements in a process tailored for your organization. The solution keeps track of any identification number assigned to the transaction.

The CbCR module will collecting transfer pricing related documents and information, and all CbC data required by OECD for delivery to the tax authority, also automatically produce the required OECD XML format.

Cygnet is a multinational technology company with a proven 20-year track record delivering 2000+ high value software solutions to a wide clientele round the globe.

Cygnet Infotech specialises in software product engineering and is trusted by leading corporates across the globe. It offers several tax technology solutions, both for the Indian and Global market.


R7VAT is an automated VAT engine, successfully implemented for many MNEs and governments in the UAE and India.


  • Flecxible ERP data extraction through XML formats, or the Cygnet developed and proprietary SSIS tool.
  • Robotic data retrieval.
  • Real-time control over your VAT data.
  • Automated preparation of VAT returns, Intrastat reports, and creation of invoices.
  • Digital signing of reports and invoices.
  • Performance of data outlier analysis.


  • Understand your VAT data in real-time, correct for mistakes and optimize your VAT return cycle.
  • Track your global VAT position, improve cash flow, manage working capital and reduce financing costs.
  • Reduce mistakes and avoid possibly expensive corrections.
  • Reduce staff cost associated with preparation of VAT returns, Intrastat reports, etc.
  • Improve SOX controls by digital signing of reports, invoices, etc.
  • Create clear audit trails and tax audit ready files.

eClear is the only VAT and Customs Clearing House in Europe. With the help of its automation solutions, retailers can overcome the complexity of transactional taxes in Europe and accelerate their cross-border B2C and D2C business.


In cross-border B2C goods traffic, the destination principle applies: merchants must calculate VAT according to the regulations applicable in the recipient’s respective country and report and pay it to the tax authorities there.

ClearVAT takes over these obligations – the cross-border sale of B2C goods within the EU is completely VAT-free for merchants.


  • EUR 0.00 claim of the tax authorities abroad
  • B2C trade in goods is registration-free
  • 0% Liability risk abroad
  • Order and incoming payment clearly assigned
  • Waiting periods for tax refunds for returns are eliminated
  • 0% VAT, 0% Effort
  • Independence from the EU OSS
  • Relief for tax advisors
Intra Pricing Solutions is an independent and specialist provider of transfer pricing and valuation services and related software solutions.

Intra Pricing Solutions is a leading provider of transfer pricing software to multinationals and advisory companies.


TPGenie is a software solution that can help you in 6 easy steps to finalise your Local Files, Master File and BEPS Action 13 compliant Country by Country reporting (CbCR). The files are automatically generated including all the necessary attachments: your intercompany legal agreements (SLAs) and your economic analysis benchmarks.

The tool efficiently creates and updates OECD compliant transfer pricing documentation for the legal entities in your group and assists you with transfer pricing planning, risk management and control.

TPGenie can also generate the standardised electronic format for the exchange of Country-by-Country reports between jurisdictions for swift and efficient implementation of the BEPS measures.

OneraX is built in SAP/4HANA and consists of a general section, comprising generic modules and sections for the individual modules such as Tax, Accounting and Legal.

Tax Module

The Tax module consists of several parts. It is also the place for recording links in SAP; if data or structures are recorded elsewhere in SAP, they are copied in the module. The Tax module consists of the following parts:

  • TAX-Accounting
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Compliance
  • External reporting
  • Forecasting
SeerTax is a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) solution for the corporate income tax function. It uses the advanced corporate income tax software, Tax Series, that has been used by many large corporations for 20 years.

SeerTax is a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) solution for the corporate income tax function. It uses the advanced corporate income tax software, Tax Series, that has been used by many large corporations for 20 years. SeerTax utilizes a simplified and standardized processing approach to bring sophisticated solutions to companies with complex tax challenges.

The SaaS solution can help you with the following tax processes:

Year-end provision 

SeerTax can provide tax provisions reports that are based on ASC 740 reporting standards for year tax provision. It includes the following:

  • Foreign income inclusion calculations – Section 163 (j) limitations, GILTI, Subpart F inclusion, Section 986(c) on distributions, and deemed paid credits.
  • U.S. federal provision – current and deferred provision, FIN 48, state benefits on federal provision, deferred rollforward, rate reconciliation, and tax footnotes.
  • State provision – state-by-state provision, state deferred maintenance, and utilization of NOLs.

Extension filings

SeerTax can produce extension filings based on your data and e-file them on your behalf. For non-e-file jurisdictions, it can produce PDF forms with filing instructions so you can file them.

Quarterly estimates

SeerTax can produce quarterly estimate returns based on your data and e-file them on your behalf. For non-e-file jurisdictions, it can produce PDF forms with filing instructions so you can file them.

Annual tax returns 

SeerTax can produce corporate tax returns based on your data and e-file them on your behalf. For non-e-file jurisdiction, it can produce PDF forms with filing instructions so you can file them.

TaxModel helps intermediaries and multinationals with state-of-the-art tax technologies.


TaxProof offers a solution for easing the tax accounting-related workflows for companies ranging from small to large-cap, while reducing the operational costs and risks.

It funnels and simplifies the key steps involved in the tax accounting process, such as data gathering, data entries, audit trailing, consolidation, and easy updating, allowing you to focus on the most important part of the process, which is the tax position analysis. It also provides continuous oversights of the status, users, and the tax position at both the reporting entity as well as consolidation levels.


  • Tax accounting made easy in a step-by-step manner
  • Reducing the risk of human error
  • Data entry, assessment, and reporting in one environment

Trifinance is a financial consultancy organization delivering Do-How solutions.

Electronic Invoicing Global

Electronic Invoicing Global is an e-Invoicing tax content engine. Its features include:

  • E-invoicing regulations across all continents
  • Information directly obtained from local authorities
  • Personalized notifications about upcoming regulations
  • Regulations for storage and archiving
  • Structured information by client segment
  • Country-specific XML schemes and manuals
TTI’s flagship product, Tax Series, is an all-inclusive SaaS solution that can handle all aspects of U.S. corporate income tax related tasks.

TTI’s web-based Tax Series Software Suite fulfills corporate tax needs throughout the calendar year – from the beginning to the very end of each cycle. With a streamlined, straightforward interface, and global collaboration and real-time tracking as goals at every step, Tax Series Software provides comprehensive and full support for tax management and personnel.

Tax Series Compliance Suite 

Provides intuitive navigation along with a high level of efficiency for producing tax returns. Integrated with the provision and data collection functions of Tax Series, TTI Compliance products enable clients to maximize output with minimal input.

Tax Series Provision Suite 

A powerful and comprehensive solution designed to handle global provision calculations quickly, efficiently and transparently within the short timeframe allotted to corporations for SEC corporations. Integrated with the Tax Series global data collection and compliance modules.

Tax Series AuditTracker

Streamlines the tax audit and documentation process by integrating it into the compliance and provision processes. Manages the audit workflow and response process, status tracking, risk assessment, document retrieval and retention, and the review process.

Tax Series eDataCollector 

Easy-to-use web-native data collection service which allows for global collaboration between a large number of participants, real-time status tracking integration of compliance and provision processes, and real-time, flexible reporting across multiple entities.

Tax Series eLegalDirectory

An entity management tool which allows corporate tax personnel to store, update, and import corporate ownership information. Maintains a database of legal entity information that can be shared between users all over the globe.

Tax Series eTaxCalendar 

Empowers tax managers with the ability to manage, assess, and ultimately minimize global tax compliance risk. A true web-native, feature-rich product which allows businesses to manage all important tax dates and deadlines throughout the calendar year.

Tax Series Executive Portal 

Transforms large sets of tax data into useful business intelligence for corporate tax personnel, providing evidence and numbers to more intelligently guide important business decisions for business managers and executives.

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