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TPA Global can help you deal with the challenges of making tax digital. And by training your in-house tax professionals on ‘tax and technology’ workflows, your workforce follows todays – instead of yesterdays’ – ‘best practices’. Listed below are the Tax Technology software solutions TPA Global can help you implement.

If you would like more information regarding the software solutions below, please contact Ruzana Tunku, .

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Cygnet Infotech IT offerings consist of a range of VAT applications and development services. One of their applications is R7VAT. R7VAT is an automated VAT engine, successfully implement for many MNEs and governments in the UAE and India.

R7VAT Technology Features 

  • Flecxible ERP data extraction through XML formats, or the Cygnet developed and proprietary SSIS tool.
  • Robotic data retrieval.
  • Real-time control over your VAT data.
  • Automated preparation of VAT returns, Intrastat reports, and creation of invoices.
  • Digital signing of reports and invoices.
  • Performance of data outlier analysis.

Your Benefits

  • Understand your VAT data in real-time, correct for mistakes and optimize your VAT return cycle.
  • Track your global VAT position, improve cash flow, manage working capital and reduce financing costs.
  • Reduce mistakes and avoid possibly expensive corrections.
  • Reduce staff cost associated with preparation of VAT returns, Intrastat reports, etc.
  • Improve SOX controls by digital signing of reports, invoices, etc.
  • Create clear audit trails and tax audit ready files.

LCN Legal is a corporate law firm which works with clients and advisers globally on intercompany agreements for transfer pricing compliance and associated corporate structures and reorganizations.

LCN Legal developed the Fast Track ICA Service is an online platform allowing the production of tailored intercompany agreements (ICA) within 2-4 business days. The platform currently generates agreements for standard transaction types including:

  • Business support services charges on a cost plus basis.
  • Intellectual property (IP) licenses and royalties.
  • Appointment of limited risk distributors / sales entities remunerated on a TNMM basis.
  • Intercompany loan agreements.

Fast Track ICA Service Functionalities 

  • Single and multiple service recipients.
  • Bilateral and multilateral agreement formats.
  • Retroactive agreements (to the extent possible).
  • Allocation of contractual risk between the parties.
  • Ownership of IP, including in work products.
  • Allocating control over delivery of services.
  • Multiple cost keys.
  • Multiple allocation keys.
  • Payment terms and interim payments.
  • Post year-end true up provisions.
  • Options for treatment of default interest.

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