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As a result of BEPS, new tax initiatives are driving compliance costs and time spent by MNE tax professionals upwards by 25%. Apart from new Transfer Pricing rules and conditions as proposed by the final BEPS reports, also new documentation and reporting rules have been introduced, i.e. the Master File, Local File and Country by Country Reporting.

These new regulations require efficient, timely collection and reporting of financial data throughout the organization and will dramatically increase the manpower involved in the transfer pricing operations, hence increasing the overall cost of compliance.

Cost effective and efficient

A fundamental question you need to ask yourself: “How can we ensure better control over our organization and manage our tax/TP function in a timely, cost effective and efficient manner?”
Whatever software solution you choose to help, Transfer Pricing software does not need to be complex. It is merely the decentralized organization of the Transfer pricing compliance cycle and the variety of Transfer Pricing models that causes issues and inefficiencies, hence undermining the company’s TP risk control. TPA Global Business Solutions helps you to rationalize your transfer pricing operating model and select the software solution that best fits with your organization’s needs by means of 10 key TP software functionalities.

Do you need an operational TP solution for converting financial source data into comprehensive intercompany transactions and invoices or do merely need software support for compiling your own documentation and CbC reporting tables in an efficient and consistent way? Depending on the options that you aspire, the efficiency of your TP compliance cycle can be increased by 50%.

BEPS Software Series - Automation through cloud solutions

Are you tired out from transfer pricing (TP) compliance burden? Now it’s time to look at automated solutions. Our BEPS Cloud Solution Software will automate data collection and the three tiered TP documentation to ensure a streamlined BEPS compliance under BEPS Action 13 requirements. Our BEPS Cloud Solution Software applies standard report-option approach (how do you want to have the data presented, what are the data elements you want to be included and what entity data would you want to be included) to simplify the reporting while providing the flexibility for the reporting. We have expert knowledge and experience in assisting MNEs to migrate from manual data processing to automated software solutions.

转让定价合规文件的沉重负担估计把您累坏了吧? 现在是用自动化解决方案时候了。 我们的BEPS软件能全自动采集转让定价数据并准备三层转让定价文档,同时确保文档符合BEPS Action 13的合规要求。 我们的BEPS软件采用标准化文档解决方案,使您可以自由灵活的选择需要的数据和文档内容,并简化文档编写程序。我们的资深转让定价团队能帮助您彻底从手工数据/文档处理转移到自动化软件解决方案。

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How can we help

Through our comprehensive approach, TPA Business will assist you in diagnostics, design and implementation stages of an efficient TP operations model bolstered by a hand-picked software solution. This enables you to attain a dramatic efficiency increase of your transfer pricing compliance cycle, releasing more time and budget for risk control, communication and other key tasks.

TPA Global brings to you TP software solutions in close cooperation with our trusted members and alliance partners.

Tax Technology Plan

Our tax technology platform consists of various modules allowing to select the most suitable solution to meet your needs and contains the following 6 ingredients:

  1. Objectives
  2. Output reverse engineering
  3. Organization & governance
  4. Workflow selection
  5. Functionality selection
  6. Project implementation

Your Tax Technology Plan

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