Tax Technology

The role of technology in tax departments is becoming increasingly important. This is driven both by internal requirements – such as the need for more efficient workflows – as well as external ones, namely the tax authorities who are increasingly supplying and requesting information digitally.

The higher degree of digitalization places (real-time) data at the center of the modern tax department. However, to achieve the accurate data collection, analysis, and reporting required for tax compliance and risk management, businesses need to have the right digital environment.

What can TPA Global do for you?

We help clients devise a digital transformation plan for their tax departments, implement the right software solutions for their tax workflows, and provide the adequate tax technology training for their teams.

Our technology-driven approach enables future-proof solutions

Efficient processes

Improve the efficiency of your tax workflows and minimize manual input.

Streamlined compliance

Implementing technology solutions helps our clients have real-time control of their compliances.

Future-proof solutions

As technology is advancing, it’s important to prepare for the future state of tax.

Tax technology coaching

We help clients achieve their “tax vision” state by assessing their landscape, defining challenges and solutions, and offering continuous support in each state of the implementation. This also includes project and talent management.

We also offer half or full day workshops.

“TPA hosted a great tax and technology workshop for the Nouryon tax team. They really helped us to think creatively about the challenges in this area and shared valuable best practice from own experience.”

– Dennis Nijssen, former Global Head of Tax at Nouryon

Tax Technology Solutions

We can help you implement the latest tax technology software solutions through our various technology partners.

Tax Technology Training & Certification

Talent training is essential for achieving your tax vision state, as well as implementing the right tax technology solutions. For this reason, we offer customized training for tax technology professionals and teams.

Looking to get certified in tax technology? Our sister company e-Bright created the first of its kind certification for tax technology professionals, called the “Belt System”.

Stay in control of your global tax compliance

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