Financial Calendar

Drafting intra-group financing agreements

TPA has prepared a financial calendar that provides valuable insights about the tax and legal variables that need to be taken into consideration when dealing with intra-group financing.

The calendar provides an overview of the relevant legal and tax variables (total of 20) and their corresponding applicability on a jurisdictional basis.

The applicability is assessed on a general level, which means that any specific exceptions and exemptions are not taken into consideration.

TPA updates the calendar on a frequent basis in order to keep the information up to date. It currently includes a total of 29 jurisdictions. A sample file with one jurisdiction is available to download below:

Also included in the Financial Calendar:

• A practical manual explaining what the function is of each of these variables;
• A glossary explaining the 10 legal and 10 tax variables;
• An overview of all initial assessments of the variables for all jurisdictions.

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