Workshop For Corporates - "Fit For Future: A Refined Approach To Tax Risk Management"

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January 4th, 2018

During the past few years, the EU commission and many local governments have released a number of aggressive and uncoordinated initiatives to curb unwanted tax behaviour of multinationals, following the 2015 release of the BEPS Action Plans by the OECD/G20.

Consequently, MNEs are experiencing an increased exposure to tax controversies if they are not simultaneously in control of their Operating and Tax/Transfer Pricing models. This potential lack of control and/or alignment often leads to compliance that is not consistently telling the same story. This, in turn, prompts tax authorities to raise questions, exposing MNEs to expensive tax audits.

Recognising mismatches in reported data has become easier than ever before because tax authorities now have access to ample data to create the “complete picture” and embrace technology for their analysis. With Brazil in the lead of relying on its SPED system, governments such as China, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Italy, UK and many others are following closely.

In light of this landscape, we are certain that proactivity is key in identifying, measuring and, finally, addressing your tax related risks. TPA Global and Milestone International Tax Partners would therefore like to invite you to a workshop for corporate taxpayers on:

"Fit for future: A Refined Approach to Tax Risk Management"

Our workshop will not only provide insights into the latest national and international developments in the field of analytics applied by governments, but will also allow for sufficient dialogue amongst participants and presenters alike to share best practices around designing a Tax Risk Management Strategy going forward.

To facilitate this, we have developed a number of interactive case study sessions around:

In preparation for these sessions, we will release the case studies (along with some reading material) in advance of the workshop allowing you to prepare adequately for the sessions.

This event is momentarily delayed and is scheduled to be around first week of April 2019.
Further details on venue, date,  agenda and speaker to follow shortly.

Time: 9.00 AM - 6.30 PM London (GMT)
Venue: De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms, London
Registration fee: GBP 375 per person (excl. VAT)

Keynote speaker for this event will be Erik Knijnenburg, Global Head of Tax and TP, H&M, who has successfully led his organisation towards full control of their tax and transfer pricing workflows.

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