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Together with a network of very experienced and recognized tax litigators, TPA Global can help you resolve tax disputes in a more structured manner. The Global Tax Controversy (GTC) team offers you an extensive list of senior tax litigators, arbitrators and mediators, who are not only specialized in intricacies of international tax, but are fully up to date on all recent developments in the global tax arena. Their global reach brings to multinationals a ‘safe heaven’ of specialists, all renowned in their area of expertise. 

The Global Tax Controversy team is a leading platform for sharing knowledge and experience in the area of international tax litigation and mediation. Given the major changes resulting from the tax debate between governments and corporates as reflected in the final reports of the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) plan, the risk of controversy is at its highest. The GTC team can be contacted directly in case multinationals require

  • a more structured approach to global tax risk management
  • a regional or global team to defend their case
  • a specific need for a tax litigation, arbitration or mediation specialist with a focus on a certain territory or industry.

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