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May 9th, 2019

In the ever changing and dynamic world of global trade, customs management and trade compliance management are mandatory prerequisites for a stable and secure supply chain. Customs and trade compliance management is the requirement for which companies must adhere to while importing and/or exporting goods and/or services across international borders while complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

In parallel with being compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, global trade management facilitates in reducing the indirect tax burden and logistic costs for the entire supply chain. Lead time is reduced from end to end across the supply chain. Additional logistics costs such as storage, demurrage, detention, and transport, to name a few, are minimized and/or excluded. Fines and/or penalties by customs authorities due to non-compliance are minimized and or eradicated. Potential loss of a company’s import or export license and reputational damage can be avoided. TPA Global Trade Management will allow senior management to concentrate on the bottom line rather than the distractions of stepping out of line.

The Global Trade Management, Customs Management and Denied Party Software Solutions which TPA Global can facilitate and implement for your company are comprehensive and powerful software tools which will enable Customs and Trade Compliance Management in parallel to reducing the indirect tax burden across the entire supply chain.

TPA Global Trade Management Solutions will enable your company to add value to your supply chain while being fully compliant.

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