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e-Bright  is the sister company of TPA Global and is led by TPA Global’s Steef Huibregtse. Without our background in Tax and Technology, we are able to support TPA Global in Digital Transformation projects when needed. 

e-bright offers a Project Management Office role for multinationals undergoing or planning to undergo a digital transformation. With the knowledge regarding governance and the awareness of the usefulness of technology within an organization, e-Bright is able to coach any multinational with their next steps towards digitization. 

We are in close contact with multiple Tax and Technology solutions included in the technology umbrella brand of TPA Global, allowing us to maintain our knowledge and be aware of the developments. This results for example in the webinar series “Building Blocks for Tax” which is hosted by TPA Global.

To give professionals some hands-on experience with these Tax and Technology solutions, e-Bright frequently offers a UX Tax Day. During this interactive online event, professionals gain a deeper understanding on the skillset needed to stay relevant as a knowledge worker. Furthermore, participants do exercises with the various tax and Technology tools, to gain hands-on experience with different types of tax workflows “in the future”.

e-Bright developed its own Tax Technology tool together with Cygnet Infotech called “Aeolus Compliance Tracker” which allows professionals to track compliance status of internatl documents and manage the workflow based on a RACI- concept.

Additionally, e-Bright is an online learning platform that takes professionals in Transfer Pricing, Tax, Tax and Technology, Business Solutions and Legal on a learning journey. The world is changing faster than ever, demanding professionals to widen their skill set. Nowadays, gaining and maintaining practical knowledge is necessary for you and your organization.

What do the courses offer?

Our learning journeys and booklets arm you with the latest knowledge about:

  • Memory trainer with e-exam Tax Technology and Transfer Pricing, BEPS Tax Professionals
  • Courses Tax Technologyy, Transfer Pricing (core/fundamental and complexities) and Value Creation series (CFO driven 1 of total of 3)
  • TPA exams/bundle (TP Core, TP Plus, TP in context, VCA core, VCA Advanced, Valuation, Tax Litigiation Core
  • Various articles, booklets and whitepapers on (Quantitative) Value Chain Analysis, Valuation, Tax Technology, Sustainability, The Future of Tax

The platform also contains a bookstore including books and articles regarding e-Bright’s expertise. Click here for more details.

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