Greater China Practice - 大中华区

TPA Global大中华区团队由多名经验丰富的中国咨询顾问组成,可以直接用普通话与客户自如沟通并提供专业服务,以满足在中国开展业务的跨国公司,以及中国“走出去”企业在国外的运作需求。

我们为跨国企业提供最广泛的转让定价服务,从税收/转让定价设计和实施,无形资产评估到运营绩效增强服务,如区位选择, 房地产投资方案和供应链优化。 TPA Global的业务还包括协助企业应对税务机关 的转让定价调查,法律诉讼,预约定价安排谈签和同期资料准备等服务,以维护企业的税收和转移定价政策 和流程。 另外,TPA Global还提供海关估价和增值税合规服务以确保跨国企业专注于其海外业务。我们的解决方案完全符合包括中国在内的全球最新税改要求,特别是依据国际反避税热点 - 税基侵蚀和利润转移(BEPS)的规范要求。 TPA Global大中华区团队为诸多跨国公司提供咨询服务,行业包括汽车制造,石油与天然气,能源,采矿, 金融保险,房地产,快速消费品,奢侈品,通信,电子,化工和机器制造等多种行业。

TPA Global Greater China Practice is comprised of experienced Chinese consultants who speak fluent Mandarin and are able to communicate effectively with clients and provide professional services to meet the needs of multinational companies operating in China as well as Chinese outbound companies operating abroad.

We offers MNEs the widest range of transfer pricing services from tax/TP design and implementation, valuation of companies and intangible assets to Operational Performance enhancement services like location selection, real estate investment footprint and supply chain optimization. It also comprises TP audit / litigation support, APA negotiations and documentation services to defend your tax and transfer pricing policies and processes. In addition, we also offer Customs and VAT compliance services enabling you to focus on your business. Our solutions are completely in line with the latest global-wide tax developments, particularly in accordance with the standard and requirement of the global anti- tax avoidance actions – Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS). TPA Global Greater China Practice provides consultancy services to multinational companies for a wide span of industries, including automotive, oil and gas, energy, mining, finance and insurance, real estate, fast moving consumer goods, luxury goods, telecommunications, electronics, chemicals and machinery manufacturing etc.


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Ying van Galen Wang 王迎  Zhiqun Shi 施志群  Jan Siemons 杨西蒙
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