Amsterdam Workshop Value Chain Analysis for Corporates

Value Chain Analysis Workshop for Corporations - the bridge to align the operating model, corporate governance framework and the tax/ transfer pricing structure of MNE.

You are running major company and individual risks for not having prepared a Value Chain Analysis fully synced with your traditional transfer pricing compliance.

In addition, your challenges in China are:

  • To comply with your FY2016 VCA requirements in China before the end of June 2017; and
  • To prepare/file in 2017 for China, local transfer pricing file, new style Master File and Country-by-Country reporting (CbCr), which are telling the same story.

You will be able to counter these risks, when your Value Chain Analysis bridges the gap between the traditional Transfer Pricing approach, the operating model and your Corporate Governance.

This workshop provides you with the exposure and tools to run your own VCA in China. During this workshop the following will be discussed:

  • Up to 10 VCA case studies to train you on performing your own VCA
  • A holistic view of the steps required to implement such a VCA model;
  • How to address issues like location savings and market premium in VCA in China?
  • What are the VCA techniques and standards of reference?
  • How a VCA will fully align the corporate governance framework, operating model and the tax/ TP structure of the MNE
  • How VCA can be applied for preparing a consistent storyboard to all stakeholders and managing controversy, considering specific stance taken by Chinese tax authorities
  • Address various organizational challenges on change management, for example, outsourcing/off shoring work to China.
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