EU Council Releases Presidency Draft Roadmap on BEPS

The European Council released a Draft EU-BEPS Roadmap by the Maltese Presidency of the Council setting out future work in the coming months. The roadmap addresses subjects such as hybrid mismatches, dispute resolution mechanism, the list of non-cooperative jurisdictions, renewed CCCTB, Patent Boxes, Code of Conduct (Business Taxation) and the Mandatory Disclosure rules.

The Roadmap

The Council informed that the roadmap intends to set out how the Maltese Presidency will conduct work related to the challenges in the area of BEPS, taking into account views expressed by Member States in informal bilateral contacts and against the background of recent Commission initiatives, as well as the results of the OECD work on BEPS.

The Roadmap has been divided into 2 parts:

  • Short-term work
    • Hybrid mismatches (ATAD 2)
    • Proposal for Improvement of Dispute Resolution Mechanism within the EU
    • EU list of third country non-cooperative jurisdictions
    • Proposal for a renewed Common (Consolidated) Corporate Tax Base
    • Interest and Royalties Directive (IRD)
    • Good Governance in Tax Matters clause in EU agreements with third countries
    • Agreements with five European third countries to counter fraud and all other illegal activities to the detriment of public financial interests ("EU anti-fraud agreements")
    • OECD BEPS issues in Double Taxation Agreements
  • Medium-term work
    • Patent Boxes
    • Implementation of the Council Conclusions on the future of the Code of Conduct (Business Taxation)
    • Outbound payments
    • Transparency: Mandatory disclosure rules

Source: EU Council - Roadmap


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