Valuation Services after BEPS

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January 24th, 2017

Apart from being a crucial tool for businesses for placing a value on their business to be used in case of sale of a business, partnership dissolution, mergers and acquisitions, loan/financing arrangements, the importance and need for valuation has been further strengthened by the OECD under BEPS Action Plans 8 – 10 by stating that valuation techniques may be used as a part of one of the five OECD approved transfer pricing methods. In situations where reliable comparable uncontrolled transactions for a transfer of one or more intangibles cannot be identified, it may also be possible to use valuation techniques to estimate the arm’s length price for intangibles transferred between associated enterprises.

Our unique approach to valuations is based on the premise that any intra-group valuation must synchronise core valuation principles with specific transfer pricing and tax implications in each jurisdiction. Valuations also require a value chain analysis perspective i.e. the object of valuation cannot be valued in isolation. Our comprehensive solution helps clients actively manage their business assets and maximize asset value. With an integrated approach, our valuation services facilitate the optimization of your global supply chain.

Your Key Benefits

  1. Immediate preparedness for a sale, merger or acquisition transaction
  2. Knowledge of the exact value of your business and all intangibles contributing to your business
  3. Preparedness for tax/TP related documentation involving transfer of and/or provision of services using intangibles
  4. Appropriate communication to all stakeholders in your business (especially regarding their return on investment)

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Value Chain Analysis (VCA)

TPA Global has been conducting value chain analyses for over 10 years. With over 1000 professionals trained in value chain analyses, TPA Global is one of the world leaders in offering industry-specific value chain solutions!

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