VCA – A Bridge To Align Operating And Governance Models With Tax/TP Set-up

; posted on
January 24th, 2017

The value chain refers to the entire performance process of a company, which begins with the research and development and ends with the delivery to the end consumer. While a functional and risk analysis is geared to individual group companies, a value chain analysis applies on crosscompany processes within the Group.


As there is no objective method to conduct a value chain analysis, the basic approach to be followed for any value chain analysis should start with identifying the industry-wide value chain and mapping the value linkages of the MNE within the industry. A value contribution analysis should contain evidence as to what prices, cost premiums, margins, etc. are, in light of the economic contributions of individual companies, considered reasonable.

What We Offer

TPA Global has been conducting value chain analyses for over 10 years, assisting corporates in:

  1. allocating appropriate segments of income to each group entity; - Software solutions are offered by TPA to facilitate any type of “slicing the pie”;
  2. identifying and implementing actions on key value drivers to improve their operating margin;
  3. identifying a breakdown of ‘value creating’ activities so that the management board understands which of their activities ‘make the clock tick’.

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Value Chain Analysis (VCA)

TPA Global has been conducting value chain analyses for over 10 years. With over 1000 professionals trained in value chain analyses, TPA Global is one of the world leaders in offering industry-specific value chain solutions!

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