Webinars | LATAM
BEPS en Latinoamérica : Un análisis holístico y caso práctico México
February 22nd, 2016
The webinar addresses the following:
- Which BEPS actions plans will become effective in LATAM as from 2016 and what will be their potential effect to your LATAM finance and tax books?.
Shaping the tax future of MNCs with operations in Brazil
February 12th, 2015
In the process of revitalising international taxation the implementation of global tax transparency standards will be paired with regional and country-specific ones to address local-specific issues. In this process, where does Brazil stand? What should your company expect from the involvement of Brazil in the development of tax transparency standards? Has your company developed a model of exchange of tax and transfer pricing information within the group for Brazil-related tax and transfer pricing matters?
This recording will address the following:.
Shaping the tax future of MNCs with operations in the LATAM and Caribbean region
May 9th, 2014
As tax administrations and international economic organisations reach consensus for implementing international measures that will promote tax transparency amongst the business community, uncertainties rise around the scope and extent of some of the action points proposed to drive tax transparency between jurisdictions. However, one thing is for sure: drastic changes to the global tax framework will occur in the short-medium term and these will impact MNCs' investment decisions and their flow of income.

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