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How Is The International Tax And Transfer Pricing Landscape Evolving In India?
May 3rd, 2018
International tax and Transfer Pricing landscape has witnessed reformatory transformation in recent years, especially after the launch of Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Action Steps in 2013 and subsequent issuance of the final measures in October 2015.
India has an observer status with OECD, represents G20 countries and is an active participant in OECD’s initiatives.
India Budget 2018 – The Road Ahead
March 23rd, 2018
This informative webinar on major changes proposed in India’s Union Budget 2018 will help you to understand the fine print of some such latest changes and how they could impact your businesses.
Key Highlights of the webinar .
Latest Transfer Pricing Developments in India
December 5th, 2015
Transfer pricing in India has also seen humongous amount of litigation in the area of Comparability Analysis, risk related issues, Arm’s Length Range, TP Adjustment, Location Savings, Intangibles, R&D activities, financial transactions and Intra-group services.
Lately there has been a great emphasis on reduction of litigation, with both Tax payers and the revenue authorities being involved on confidence building measures and regulations such as APA’s, safe harbors and dispute resolution panel being introduced to mitigate the unnecessary litigation and uncertainties in the transfer pricing regime.
Country update: China Transfer Pricing and Anti-tax avoidance update
September 17th, 2015
TPA Global, together with MinterPKU, will provide you with a high level overview of the new rules and use common multinational case-studies to show you just how extensively the new rules are likely to apply.
The webinar will consider the following:.
The Indonesian TP environment: where are we now?
March 5th, 2015
In this major and growing economy both the tax authorities and courts in Indonesia have made their first steps into the new world of transfer pricing rules and regulations. The practice of the local tax authorities is often different from the written rules and TPA will share some of its recent TP audit experience.
November 12th, 2013
近年来,伴随着中国在世界经济中扮演的重要角色,外国企业与中国关联企业间的交易越来越多,包括向关联方提供产品或服务、无形资产的特许使用及贷款等。中国 税法规定了转让定价、资本弱化、受控外国公司及一般反避税等规则。此外,中国有19个税种。因此,与中国关联企业的交易比与其他许多国家相同的交易要复杂 的多。了解相关的规则与制度,并遵从其规定,可有利与中国关联企业的交易顺利进行。
为协助跨国公司解决转让定价风险,并避免双重征税,本次网络研讨会旨在从中国税法和转让定价的角度,揭示关联交易定价的税务影响。. 次网络研讨会将讲述以下内容:. - 跨境(出/入)关联交易涉及的相关中国税种. - 跨境(出/入)关联交易定价的中国税务影响. 通过本次网络会议,您能够:. - 更好地了解和理解与中国公司发生关联交易时适用的中国税种与税率。
Treatments for inbound and outbound intercompany transactions in China
November 12th, 2013
In recent years, with China playing a key role in the world economy, the number of intercompany transactions with foreign affiliates in China have increased, i.e. provision of products or services, licensing of intangibles or granting loans to related parties.

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