What is Your CFO’s Plan For Streamlining Intra-Group Services? (Part 1)

Global Tax Technology

The requirements for full disclosure after BEPS are affecting multinational corporations in one way or the other. In this world of complete transparency, one aspect of being fully in control is getting a strong grip on your intercompany costs. In our discussions with CFOs over multiple projects, they have stressed on the need for a ‘lean and mean’ finance set-up that allows to achieve the following objectives in terms of intercompany service costs:

  1. Reduce the number of intercompany invoices;
  2. Standardize the costs captured in each invoice;
  3. Allow for flexibility to capture variations in price and quantity of service delivered;
  4. Create for a risk management framework for challenges from tax authorities on Share Service Centre costs; and
  5. Automate the complete process.

As we successfully implement reliable solutions in this regard for clients, we would like to present to you the steps involved in accurately identifying, standardising and automating the process of recharging intercompany service costs in your organisation.

TPA Global will be hosting two webinars on this topic: one to provide an explanation of the practical application of the 3x3x3 model and the second, to provide guidance on how to automate this process.

This first webinar will consider the following:

  • What is the 3x3x3 model?
  • What types of services can the 3x3x3 model be applied to?
  • How to classify an entity as lead or a contract service provider?
  • How to identify costs that can be recharged as per OECD (and selected country) guidance?


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