"US Tax Reform – Context, New Tax Concepts, and Impact on Your Business Models"

Webinars | USA / Canada

In this video we will discuss the context of US tax reform, the key provisions (including new concepts) impacting international businesses, and explore some of the related tax impacts on business models.  We will also discuss the practical implications and the need to re-evaluate global ETR planning and related business models in the aftermath of BEPS, US Tax Reform and other evolutions causing significant changes across the global tax landscape.   

The webinar will address the following:

  • Context for US Tax Reform
  • The major international tax provisions impacting inbound and outbound companies
  • Potential impacts of tax changes on business models
  • Practical implications for global ETR planning

At the end of this webinar, you will

  • Understand the major international tax provision changes (and new concepts) contained in the US tax reform;
  • Be ready to quantify the potential tax impacts on your existing business; and
  • To begin to develop an action plan and checklist to re-evaluate your global ETR plan.

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