“Are you in control - TP Compliance Deadlines to look out for in 2018”

Global Transfer Pricing

We are all aware that in the post-BEPS world, there are a multitude of compliance deadlines that each multinational enterprise (MNE) needs to bear in mind, in order to shield itself from disputes and penalties. These are crucial not just from a compliance point of view but also a risk management perspective as the penalties can sometime be overwhelming. Moreover, the deadlines and requirements set by local governments are not always matching with each other, thereby creating further scope for confusion and an added burden on the taxpayers.

Key Highlights of the webinar:

With this objective in mind, we invite you to an informative webinar where we will discuss the following:

  • Presentation of an example of a calendar to be maintained by MNEs;
  • Presentation of some examples seen on live cases showcasing that failing to comply with a deadline can have further adverse consequence than those clearly outlined by the tax authorities;
  • Discussion on what the outlook of the CFO of a company should be towards risk management in relation to tax;
  • Discussion on what should be included in a strategic action calendar for an MNE (Example of these action points could include devising a plan for running financial data analytics, reposing roles and responsibilities to all team members included in this process through a strict governance model, using a software to actually prepare routine and repetitive reports etc.)

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