Romanian Transfer Pricing Requirements

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A readiness check on whether your Romanian subsidiary is fulfilling the local transfer pricing requirements.

Transfer pricing is a hot subject for companies operating in Romania. This is because the local tax authorities are focusing more on this topic, with the number of transfer pricing audits increasing significantly in the last 2-3 years.

At the same time, the Romanian transfer pricing legislation was updated in 2016. Although the changes were triggered by the BEPs action plan, not all the provisions of Action 13 were implemented.

The new provisions of the transfer pricing legislation impact in particular the category of large taxpayers. The companies include in this category must prepare the local transfer pricing report by the time the corporate tax return is submitted. This measure has put an increased pressure on these companies which sometime struggle with the availability of information.

The webinar will consider the following:

  1. General presentation of Romanian transfer pricing legislation, including the changes applicable for 2016.
  2. The main transfer pricing risks faced by companies operating in Romania.
  3. Practical experience of transfer pricing audits in Romania.

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