Substance after BEPS - with respect to intangibles

Value Chain Analysis (VCA)

An appropriate presentation of a multinationals’ own value chain will provide for a thorough objective starting point and assist during subsequent tax and TP audit related discussion(s) with tax authorities. Furthermore it provides assistance during advanced discussions relating to substance, significant (people) functions and anchor points with respect to value creation and intangibles.

During this webinar the following highlights and aspects of using the Value Chain Analysis (VCA) approach will be addressed:

  1. Is including a value chain analysis an imperative for a robust TP documentation?
  2. How to align the value chain analysis with the financial data of the multinational?
  3. Does the value chain analysis align with the data as captured in the CBC report?
  4. Can a value chain analysis assist to reflect the location(s) where value of intangibles is created?

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