How through a proper Value Chain Analysis the tax payer takes in control of the new generation of TP documentation requirements (BEPS Action 13)

Value Chain Analysis (VCA)

This webinar is an excellent opportunity for experienced tax professionals in MNEs to be in a better position to handle the new TP documentation requirements globally with the help of a proper VCA.

During this webinar the highlights addressed in using the VCA approach will be the following:

  1. How has the VCA become so imperative in building a robust TP documentation?
  2. How should a proper VCA help in addressing the increased level of disclosure of MNEs’ tax and financial data for the TP documentation purposes?
  3. Meeting the new Master File Requirements and explaining MNE group’s profitability in Country-By-Country Reporting (‘CbCr’).
  4. How to align and build a consistent story in the disclosures through the 5 layers of TP documentation, i.e. Master File, Local File, CbCr, Local TP form, Tax Return?
  5. Effective communication of tax strategy to stakeholders - for clarity and simplicity in discussions with key business stakeholders.


Margie van der Valk
Partner TPA Global
Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Virender Sharma
Partner TPA Global
Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

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