Shaping the tax future of MNCs with operations in Brazil

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In the process of revitalising international taxation the implementation of global tax transparency standards will be paired with regional and country-specific ones to address local-specific issues. In this process, where does Brazil stand? What should your company expect from the involvement of Brazil in the development of tax transparency standards? Has your company developed a model of exchange of tax and transfer pricing information within the group for Brazil-related tax and transfer pricing matters?

This recording will address the following:

  • The internal and external factors driving international taxation and transfer pricing in Brazil;
  • Particularities of the Brazilian transfer pricing rules in comparison to internationally recognized standards; and
  • Mechanics of the transfer pricing methods available in Brazil, existing safe-harbors, as well as compliance related aspects.

At the end of the recording, you will:

  • Understand how and to which extent the foregoing internal and external factors will influence the Brazilian approach to promoting tax transparency;
  • Realise the benefits for implementing a consistent, secure and cost-effective model for Brazil-related tax and transfer pricing matters.

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