BEPS in LATAM - A holistic analysis and Mexico as Practical case

Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS)

EU countries, USA, Canada, Australia and other OECD member countries have been actively promoting how and to what extent their countries will be introducing BEPS measurements into their tax and financial systems.
In the case of LATAM countries the majority are not OECD members and their contribution to BEPS measurements has been limited. Nevertheless, some LATAM countries already have or have announced to implicitly or explicitly implement regulations that are anti-BEPS.  For those multinationals with operations in the LATAM region, it may still be unclear how, when and which of the 15 BEPS action points will be implemented in the tax systems of the LATAM countries.

This recorded webinar addresses the following:

  • Which BEPS actions plans will become effective in LATAM as from 2016 and what will be their potential effect to your LATAM finance and tax books?
  • How should MNEs with operations in LATAM react to such LATAM BEPS-related initiatives?
  • What solutions are available to MNEs to adopt a proactive approach in being BEPS compliant in the context of LATAM regulations?


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