Compliance Factory What is your tax compliance strategy?

When taxpayers and tax authorities embrace a co-compliance model, whereby the taxpayer selects and cleans the data to eventually become a ‘relevant tax dataset’ which is then shared digitally to the tax authorities in an XML format – a vision expressed in the Tax Administration 3.0 publication by the OECD in 2020 – with no less than a 100% compliance status will be deemed adequate. Most MNEs are dealing with lots of challenges to get this ‘real time tax relevant data stream’ up and running. Upgrading the in-house tax department as a co-pilot to business will mobilize more resources and funds to get this piece of the operational puzzle implemented. Till today, most tax departments are battling with legacy financial systems which are not supporting the ‘data management and architecture’ required to run the 2030 tax compliance strategy. Readiness for tax compliance is mostly run on a limited horizon, i.e. let’s get last period’s tax filings done. A longer horizon will be a critical component of a 2030 tax compliance strategy.

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