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“Do Your Own Valuation” software allows the user to perform a quick valuation of their overall business or of the company’s IP specifically. 

The Business Valuation tool is a simple spreadsheet design that gives companies an idea of the value of their business based on data that the company has on hand or quoted in their financial statements.  Through inputting major items such as earnings before interest and taxes, capital expenditures, and investments in net working capital into the valuation calculator, companies can have a valuation of their business in seconds. 

Through the use of the relief-from-royalty method, companies can also perform a rudimentary valuation of their IP to get an idea of how much value-added their IP account for. 

These valuation tools combined with the Location Selector software allows users to value their business, their business’ IP, and then evaluate the best location to invest that IP based on numerous competitiveness benchmarks all done on a single online forum.  

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