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Transforming the World of Tax

When it comes to optimizing the company's operational TP system, TPA Global takes a holistic approach looking at both improving the design of the TP model and assessing the existing financial systems, TP processes and roles. The purpose is to help you and your tax and TP department to be more efficient and cost effective, to ensure compliance and to mitigate risks if it comes to double taxation.

TPA Global provides you with:

Value chain analysis

OECD guidance on BEPS action 8-10 and the discussion draft on profit split requires companies to perform a value chain analysis (VCA) providing insight in the company’s value drivers and their relative contribution to the company’s value creation as a whole. TPA Global has a proven track record in VCA projects, which do serve as a comprehensive source for strategy-making and provides you with a quantitative result to be included in TP policy setting and documentation.    

Towards a 50% more efficient TP compliance cycle

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Transforming the World of Tax

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