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Transforming the World of Tax
When it comes to optimizing the company's operational TP system, TPA Global takes a holistic approach looking at both improving the design of the TP model and assessing the existing financial systems, TP processes and roles. The purpose is to help you and your tax and TP department to be more efficient and cost effective, to ensure compliance and to mitigate risks if it comes to double taxation.
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Tax and TP Technology

Transforming the World of Tax
As a result of BEPS, new tax initiatives are driving compliance costs and time spent by MNE tax professionals upwards by 25%. Apart from new Transfer Pricing rules and conditions as proposed by the final BEPS reports, also new documentation and reporting rules have been introduced, i.
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Valuation Tools

Transforming the World of Tax
The three main approaches are:. 1. Cost Based Approach
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Google / Knowledge Management

Transforming the World of Tax
TPA Global has its own in-house developed and dedicated knowledge management system, which replaces the more static knowledge management systems..
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Tax Technology

Before selecting your best in class software solution, the following points should be considered:

  1. What are the requirements of your business?

  2. Which functionalities will bring you the highest benefits?

  3. Different business configurations require different software configurations.

TPA Global serves as a One-Stop-Shop for automating your BEPS workflows and is ready to assist you in TP software diagnostic, design and implementation stages.

  1. Super Calculator for Valuation
    As a first indication to determine the value of your business, your brand or other business assets you can use these calculators.

  2. e-Learning
    Various Q&A in the area of tax, transfer pricing and valuation have been made available through an e-Learning platform, which allows your professional to become knowledgeable on these topics from a practical perspective.

  3. New Generation Search Engine (Artificial Intelligence driven)
    This new generation of knowledge and experience sharing amongst professionals recognizes the classical way of capturing knowledge from the 'source to it application' is not efficient anymore. Knowledge professionals want to raise practical questions and get practical answers, knowing the source and qualified of conversion is warranted by TPA Global.

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Transforming the World of Tax

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Transforming the World of Tax

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