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Transforming the World of Tax

New technologies, globalization and ever changing customer needs pave the way for new business models that disrupt whole industries.

In addition to that, the release of BEPS, US tax reform and other tax policy initiatives are increasing the demand for full transparency on tax sensitive data, requiring full disclosure of the operational and governance model of your company.

So, what do you do as a CFO of a company to prepare for the attack of technology?

How do you explain your ‘’new’’ business model to tax authorities who are lightyears behind in forming tax policies for digital businesses?

Are you aware of who are all your stakeholders for tax/TP reporting? And, how do you define a communication plan for to all of them?

TPA Global has been advising multinational enterprises for more than 15 years and can assist you in:

  • Understanding the economics of your current strategy and what really drives your business;
  • Assessing how digitalization is impacting your business model;
  • Optimizing your business operating model to be ‘’Fit for Future’’;
  • Designing and implementing a tax/TP system that really supports your business model (in compliance with BEPS and other tax policy initiatives);
  • Assisting you in being fully in control of everything from disruption challenges, HR challenges and governance challenges along with core tax/TP design and implementation issues.

Do you want to know how digitalization is changing your business? Click on the button below to get our simple, illustrative infographics showcasing the impact of digital economy on traditional business models:

Are You In Control?

Innovating your strategy and business model starts with a common understanding of your current situation. You need to know your starting point before you can move forward. Constantly understanding what is happening in the  world around you and the ability of your organization to adjust to your context determines your success.

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Transforming the World of Tax

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