Is Your Global Transfer Pricing Documentation Up-to-Date?

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September 11th, 2019

With the year rapidly coming to an end we’d like to ask you the following questions we feel are relevant to each tax or transfer pricing professional:

  • Are you compliant with the transfer pricing regulations in your region?
  • Do budget constraints create problems in being compliant?
  • Do you run a high risk of penalties for non/late-compliance?

Rest assured, you are not the only multinational being concerned. An increasing compliance burden wave immersed following the OECD’s BEPS project and continues to grow.

Taking care of global transfer pricing documentation has always been an intensive activity for any company.

TPA Global can solve these issues in a manner that fits your level of resources and needs in an efficient and cost effective manner. We bring the extra resources you need and design the right production governance approach resulting in an efficient and timely production of all your reports in line with your company’s operating business model.

With TPA Global’s support and flexible working methods, you will both save money as well as save time while regaining control over the situation fast.

In short we can offer you the following 3 key benefits.

  1. Timely, efficient and cost effective production of your global Transfer Pricing Documentation ready for re-use in your next cycle.
  2. Alignment of your documentation with your company’s business operating model
  3. All documentation aligned with Action 13 of BEPS and any additional/special local requirements.  

Do you want to manage your budget, lower your transfer pricing compliance risk and keep up with your good reputation? TPA Global can help.  

If you are interested in a discussion on the above, please complete the following wing form and we will contact you as soon as possible to set up a call with you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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