Our Mission:
Transforming the World of Tax

Who we are

Our global network covers over 5,000 professionals who enable us to deliver scalable solutions in the area of tax & legal, digital transformation, running a compliance factory and effectively dealing with dispute resolution.

Our focus is on challenges corporates are faced with on the cross-roads between finance, tax and IT.

TPA Global deals with global and complex cases through its diversity of professionals.

Our solutions
  • Bridging the gap between tax professionals and boards;
  • Acting as a transformation coach;
  • Making digital that works;
  • Applying tax data analytics to de-risk your tax line;
  • Through linking three ecosystems: Tax, Transfer Pricing and Valuation, Tax + Technology and Tax Litigation and Mediation – we deliver a world of tax in control.
Your benefits
  • Full synchronization of finance, tax and IT challenges;
  • Provide the next generation of compliance factories;
  • Being a 100% compliant for finance and tax purposes;
  • De-risk your tax line in a sustainable manner;
  • Keeping you and your workflows a 100% up-to-date to the standards of tax authorities;
  • Drive a lower cost of ownership through process automation.

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