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Our Mission:
Transforming the World of Tax

Who we are

TPA Global is an independent professional service and solutions partner that serves its clients globally through a network of Members and Alliance Partners over 60 countries. Our global network covers over 5,000 professionals who enable us to deliver scalable solutions in the area of tax & legal, digital transformation, running a compliance factory and effectively dealing with dispute resolution. Our focus is on challenges corporates are faced with on the cross-roads between finance, tax and IT.

TPA Global deals with global and complex cases through its diversity of professionals.

Our solutions

Our solutions range from international tax related services such as Tax Governance, Transfer Pricing and Indirect Taxes, to Mergers & Acquisitions support to Operational Performance enhancement services, to Tax Technology and Tax Litigation & Disputes.

At TPA Global, we 

  • Bridge the gap between tax professionals and boards;
  • Act as a transformation coach;
  • Make digital that works;
  • Apply tax data analytics to de-risk your tax line;

Through linking three ecosystems: Tax, Transfer Pricing and Valuation, Tax + Technology and Tax Litigation and Mediation – we deliver a world of tax in control. 

Your benefits

  • Full synchronization of finance, tax and IT challenges;
  • Provide the next generation of compliance factories;
  • Being a 100% compliant for finance and tax purposes;
  • De-risk your tax line in a sustainable manner;
  • Keeping you and your workflows a 100% up-to-date to the standards of tax authorities;
  • Drive a lower cost of ownership through process automation.
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