Zambia Strengthens Commitment Against Tax Evasion by Joining Global Forum

January 18, 20240

Zambia has recently become the 39th African member and the 171st overall member of the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes. The Global Forum is a crucial international body dedicated to ensuring the effective implementation of global tax transparency standards. Through its monitoring, peer-reviewing, and capacity-building initiatives, it strives to establish and uphold these standards worldwide. 

As part of its commitment, the Global Forum supports its members through capacity-building programs that assist tax authorities in optimizing cross-border information sharing channels. Zambia’s decision to join this esteemed group reflects its dedication to combating tax evasion on an international scale, aligning itself with other African countries such as the Republic of the Congo, Angola, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

Gaël Perraud, Chair of the Global Forum, emphasized the growing determination of African governments, citing Zambia’s decision as a testament to actively participating in and benefiting from the global collaboration against tax evasion and avoidance. 

Kingford Kalobi, a Zambian Financial and Business Advisor, anticipates that joining the Global Forum will enhance fiscal accountability and drive economic growth. He sees this move as a demonstration of Zambia’s commitment to international tax standards, fostering fair taxation practices through collaboration with nations around the world. 

Zambia’s accession to the Global Forum is expected to create a more transparent fiscal environment within the country. Moreover, it provides Zambia with access to technical assistance and valuable guidance, facilitating the strengthening of the nation’s tax administration systems and capacity-building in tax matters. 

In addition to joining the Global Forum, Zambia will also become part of the Africa Initiative, an initiative initiated in 2014. This program supports domestic revenue mobilization and the fight against illicit financial flows in Africa through enhanced transparency and information exchange for tax purposes. The recent progress report, Tax Transparency in Africa 2023, highlights the significance and notable successes of this initiative. 

Zambia’s decision to align with the Global Forum goes beyond symbolism; it is a strategic move signalling its commitment to international tax standards. This move opens avenues for collaboration, especially for those involved in tax technology and transfer pricing services. Tax professionals and investors can extend their reach across oceans more easily, displaying the interconnected nature of today’s financial landscape. 


Author: Munshya Mupela, Trainee, TPA Global


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