Poland Releases Updated Transfer Pricing Guidance and Interest Rate Updates

January 10, 20240

The Ministry of Finance in Poland recently issued guidelines on transfer pricing alongside crucial updates on base interest rates and margin rates, impacting both individual (personal) and corporate income tax frameworks. These provisions set to take effect from January 1, 2024, bear implications for entities involved in related-party transactions within the country. 


Updated Transfer Pricing Guidebook 

The updated guidebook focuses on the obligation to furnish transfer pricing information. It comprises detailed Q&A sections addressing various aspects, such as: 

  • Submission Requirements: Clarification on where and why transfer pricing information must be submitted. 
  • Entity Identification: Specifics on entity details necessary for accurate data submission. 
  • Transaction Details: In-depth coverage of transaction specifics, including transaction value, adjustments to transfer prices, benchmarking studies, and distinct transaction categories. 

These guidelines aim to streamline and standardize the reporting process, ensuring greater transparency and compliance in related-party transactions. 


Base Interest Rates and Margin Rates 

The Ministry’s notice, dated December 27, 2023, also introduces adjustments to base interest rates and margin rates, affecting the determination of interest rates on loans, credits, or bonds executed between related parties. Key highlights include: 

  • Effective Rates for 2024: Establishment of the base interest rates and margin rates applicable for personal and corporate income tax purposes. 
  • Parameters for Rate Determination: Clear delineation of the type of base interest rate and the specified margin essential in calculating interest rates on related-party financial agreements. 
  • Transition from LIBOR Benchmarks: Special provisions for contracts denominated in U.S. dollars or pounds sterling executed before January 1, 2022. These contracts may continue to utilize the base interest rates derived from the LIBOR USD 3 months and LIBOR GBP 3 months benchmarks. However, it’s crucial to note that the LIBOR USD 3 months will phase out by September 2024, while the LIBOR GBP 3 months will discontinue by March 2024. 

This shift away from LIBOR benchmarks indicates a significant transition, necessitating proactive adjustments by entities with contracts linked to these benchmarks. 


Implications for Tax Professionals and Investors 

The Ministry’s recent guidance on transfer pricing obligations, coupled with the updates on base interest rates and margin rates, underscores Poland’s commitment to fostering transparent and compliant financial transactions. Stakeholders must stay abreast of these developments to ensure seamless adherence to regulatory requirements and optimize their tax strategies within the country’s evolving tax landscape. 


Tax professionals and investors involved in in related-party dealings are to understand and adhere to the revised guidelines and interest rate determinants. For tax technology and transfer pricing service providers, these changes present an opportunity to offer specialized support and guidance to clients navigating the evolving regulatory landscape. 


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