Israeli B2B E-Invoicing Update

January 9, 20240

Type: Legislation

The Israeli Internal Revenue Service mandates the use of certified representatives for approved sales invoice numbering under the new e-invoicing regime starting 1 April 2024. Transition to the controlled invoice numbering system is voluntary since January 2024, with a phased mandatory implementation from April 2024 onwards, based on transaction amounts. 

The launch of the centralised Continuous Transaction Control (CTC) based electronic invoicing regime, initially set for 1 January 2024, has been delayed by three months. The aim is to combat fictitious B2B VAT invoices, and a pre-clearance model, similar to Italy and Chile, is being considered. A one-year pilot, commencing in 2024, requires a unique digital invoice number from the Ministry for real-time validation, crucial for input VAT deduction. The Tax Authority intends to extend the initiative based on its success, aligning with the EU VAT in the Digital Age proposal for 2028. 


Effective date: April 1st 2024 


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