Greece myDATA e-book reporting Jan 2024 update

January 2, 20240

Type: Legislation

Greece’s myDATA reporting platform undergoes significant updates effective January 1, 2024, with plans for mandatory VAT e-invoicing potentially by 2025. The commencement of ERP API submission for sales invoicing and bookkeeping data is a notable requirement introduced by the Greek tax office, AADE, signaling a shift to live reporting for the transmission of summary data. It’s important to note that taxpayers reporting through alternative channels such as manual entry, cash registers, or portal upload remain unaffected by these changes. Additionally, AADE has announced various modifications, including the incorporation of QR Codes in systems for fiscal receipts and the introduction of measures for customers receiving disparate fiscal documentation before their next VAT return. Furthermore, Greece’s Ministry of Finance and AADE plan to extend tax incentives into 2024 for taxpayers adopting e-invoice reporting through certified providers. Stay tuned for ongoing developments in Greece’s evolving tax transaction reporting landscape. 


Effective date: January 1, 2024



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