France e-invoicing & e-reporting Sept 2026: Version 2.3 English specifications

January 2, 20240

Type: Legislation

France’s tax landscape evolves with the release of version 2.3 of the French e-invoicing specifications in English, published on December 27, 2023. Richard Asquith reports that these specifications, initially available in French since July, now feature separate documentation for specific use cases. 

The French Parliament, on December 21, approved B2B e-invoicing and B2C e-reporting for large and medium-sized businesses, effective from September 1, 2026, extending to small businesses on September 1, 2027, with potential three-month extensions. The revised launch plan includes a large-scale pilot in 2025, mandatory e-invoice acceptance for all businesses by September 2026, and potential three-month extensions. 

The decision to delay the initial July 2024 launch aligns with concerns raised by businesses and lobby groups, citing limited preparation time and challenges with the PPF platform’s launch and certification of PDP e-invoicing agents. France will seek an extension from the European Commission for the VAT Directive derogation granted until December 31, 2026. Our VAT e-invoicing product ensures seamless integration, creating, submitting, and fully auditing e-invoices against local tax legislation.  


Effective date: September 1, 2026 


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