Romania’s New B2B E-Invoicing Regime – Key Developments in 2024

December 13, 20230

Type: Legislation

Romania is set to revolutionize invoicing with a mandatory B2B e-invoicing regime from January 2024, backed by a user guidance manual covering registration, system access, and more. The approved legislation outlines a phased rollout, starting with a near real-time reporting system in January, allowing businesses until April 2024 to adapt without penalties. Come July 2024, full pre-clearance electronic invoice submissions via the eFactură platform will become mandatory, eliminating paper invoices for tax compliance. The system aligns with global standards, requiring pre-clearance sending of invoices in CIUS_RO format to the government portal. For businesses navigating this shift, staying informed through free global VAT and GST news updates and real-time insights from VAT Calc’s live tracker is crucial. 


Effective date: January 2024 



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