Greece Targets €2 Billion VAT Boost Through Digitalization

October 5, 20230

Type: Legislation

The Greek Finance Ministry is determined to tackle a 20% VAT revenue gap by embracing digital strategies, inspired by successful models in Poland and Portugal. Progress is evident, with the gap already reduced to 15% and a further drop to 9% expected in the near future. 

Greece’s efforts have earned it a place among the top four EU countries, alongside Hungary, Germany, and the Netherlands, in reducing the VAT gap. 

Key measures include MyDATA transaction reporting to digitize records, plans for Greek e-invoicing by 2025, pre-filled VAT returns for easier compliance, and real-time point-of-sale reporting. 

These measures are projected to contribute an extra €2 billion to VAT collections, signifying a significant stride toward enhancing tax revenues. Stay tuned as Greece transforms its tax landscape through digital innovation. 


Effective date: 2025 



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