Webinar Series: Navigating Pillar Two – Pillar Two’s impact on business models and data management solutions

October 3, 20230

As Pillar Two reshapes the global tax landscape, multinational enterprises (MNEs) must proactively assess its impact on their business models and adapt to the evolving requirements. At its core, Pillar Two aims to address the issue of global tax avoidance by introducing a global minimum tax rate. This means that MNEs will be required to pay a minimum level of tax on their income, regardless of where they operate.  

The implications for business models are significant, as companies can no longer rely solely on complex tax optimization strategies to reduce their global tax liability. Instead, they must reevaluate their corporate structures and profit allocation mechanisms to ensure compliance with the global minimum tax, potentially leading to a simplification of operations and a shift towards more transparent and sustainable business practices. 

In this webinar, our expert speakers delved into the far-reaching effects of Pillar Two on business structure and operations, exploring how companies are navigating this new era of international taxation. Additionally, they discussed how data management solutions can act as a strategic enabler in this context.  

Navigating Pillar Two - Webinar Series

Download the webinar recording and accompanying slides below, as they provide insights into the practical implications of Pillar Two and discover how data management solutions are becoming crucial for ensuring compliance and strategic decision-making in this evolving tax compliance landscape. 


Webinar Agenda:  

Navigating Pillar Two’s Impact on Business Models  

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of how Pillar Two can affect your existing business model; 
  • Explore the potential risks and challenges that may arise in light of the global minimum tax requirements; 
  • Discover strategies to reevaluate and optimize your business model to maintain tax efficiency and competitiveness.  


The Role of Tax Automation in Pillar Two Compliance  

  • Discover how tax automation can streamline your tax accounting and compliance processes to meet Pillar Two requirements efficiently; 
  • Learn about advanced tax automation tools and technologies that can provide real-time insights and support decision-making; 
  • Understand the potential cost-saving benefits of implementing tax automation solutions in your tax department. 


Raymund Gerardu, CFO, TPA Global
Jasper Verkamman, Associate, TPA Global
Raj Balgobind, Tax & Technology Director, TIF Synergy

Get ready to navigate Pillar Two

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