Dutch Tax Authorities’ Mandatory PSP-CESOP Reporting Requirements: What You Need to Know

September 6, 20230


In a significant development set to take effect from January 1st, 2024, the European Union (EU) is tightening the reins on Payment Service Providers (PSPs). Under the CESOP (Cross-Border Electronic Services of Payment Providers) regulations, all EU PSPs will be mandated to record and report transactional data for cross-border payments they process. This seismic shift in financial regulation aims to enhance transparency and combat financial crime across borders. The NL Tax Authorities are at the forefront of implementing these regulations and have recently dispatched letters to PSPs, entitled “Verplichting tot aanleveren grensoverschrijdende betalingen i.h.k.v. PSP-CESOP,” requesting essential contact details and compliance information. 


Understanding Your Obligation: 

If you’re a PSP operating within the EU and have received this letter from the NL Tax Authorities, it’s imperative to take action promptly. The letter underscores that all PSPs, irrespective of whether they engage in reportable activities or not, are obliged to complete the accompanying application form, known as the “aanmeldformulier.” 


Why Have You Received the Letter? 

The NL Tax Authorities have anticipated that you, as a PSP, are subject to the reporting requirements imposed by CESOP. It’s essential to note that CESOP isn’t merely a regulatory hurdle; it represents a vital step towards promoting financial integrity and cross-border payment transparency within the EU. 


Support and Guidance: 

Recognizing the complexities and challenges of complying with CESOP, the NL Tax Authorities have set up a dedicated CESOP team to guide PSPs through the compliance journey. From the initial impact assessment to the submission of CESOP reports, their experts stand ready to offer support at every stage. 

Furthermore, the NL Tax Authorities have invested in an end-to-end software solution, supported by their proprietary payments platform. This sophisticated technology infrastructure is designed to facilitate the seamless collection, processing, XML generation, and submission of the required data, significantly easing the compliance burden for PSPs. 



The NL Tax Authorities’ letter to PSPs regarding the obligation to record and report cross-border payments following PSP-CESOP is a clear indicator of the EU’s commitment to financial transparency and security. While the regulatory landscape is evolving, it’s essential for PSPs to stay ahead of the curve and comply with these new requirements. The NL Tax Authorities’ proactive approach in providing support and technology solutions underscores their dedication to assisting PSPs in this transition. 

As the deadline approaches, it’s recommended that PSPs engage with the NL Tax Authorities and take advantage of the resources and guidance offered to ensure a smooth and compliant transition to the CESOP reporting framework. By doing so, PSPs can not only meet their regulatory obligations but also contribute to the broader goal of enhancing the integrity of cross-border financial transactions within the EU. 


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