New Electronic Invoicing System Implementation in the Dominican Republic

July 26, 20230

Type: Legislation

The Dominican Republic has recently approved a significant development in tax regulations. On 16th May 2023, the country announced the enforcement of an electronic invoicing law, requiring all taxpayers to issue electronic tax invoices. This new legislation aims to streamline tax processes and enhance fiscal efficiency. 

The implementation of the electronic invoicing system will occur in phases, with specific timelines assigned to different taxpayer categories: 

Large National Taxpayers: A maximum of 12 months from the e-invoicing law’s promulgation date (16 May 2023) to implement the e-CF (electronic fiscal receipt). 

Big and Medium Locals: A timeframe of 24 months from the publication date to adopt e-CF. 

Small, Micro, and Unclassified Taxpayers: A period of 36 months from the publication date to adopt e-CF. 


Effective date: 16th May 2023 



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