Upcoming Changes for Businesses Utilizing IOSS

June 8, 20230

Type: Draft Legislation

The EU European Commission’s Customs Union 2028 reforms have introduced the ‘Deemed Importer’ model, impacting businesses using the Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) from March 2028. The reforms abolish the €150 customs duties exemption on low-value consignments, subjecting all import distance sales to customs duties. E-commerce businesses will need to incorporate simplified bucket tariff and duties at checkout. Businesses may opt to incur a customs duties debt at import, rather than pay at the border. This debt can be settled via the VAT IOSS return. To qualify for this model, traders must be eligible for IOSS reporting. Adaptation to these changes is crucial for those in e-commerce and distance sales. 

Effective date: March 2028



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