Quantitative VCA based on industrywide data sets

May 23, 20230

Following our previous webinars on Value Chain Analysis, “How to Perform a VCA for tax & transfer pricing”, and “Quantitative VCA based on MNE-specific case studies”, we’re organizing a third and final webinar focusing on how to perform a quantitative VCA using industrywide data and statistical models. 

This method allows to add objectivity to the current way a VCA is performed based on the guidance of the OECD, through the introduction of statistical and econometrical checks.  

This approach intends to identify the variables that have a significant correlation with the EBIT of companies in certain industries. We use these variables to describe the value creation process of the industries and to allocate the residual profit among the group entities. 

Topics discussed during the webinar: 

  • The necessary steps to perform a quantitative VCA using industry data: 
    • Economic analysis 
    • Statistical and econometric analysis 
    • Connection to the value chain 
  • Industry-specific case studies 
  • Why and how industry data can be instrumental to back-up a BEPS-compliant VCA 


Steef Huibregtse – CEO, TPA Global  

Zoe Li – Senior Associate, TPA Global 

Julia Martinez – Senior Associate, TPA Global 

Amir Gholizadeh – Junior Associate, TPA Global 

Date and Time

Wednesday, May 17th, 2023 4:00 – 5:00 PM CET.

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