New API management platform for open access services

April 26, 20230

Type: Legislation

The Italian Revenue Agency will launch a new API Management platform on May 15, 2023, offering free services to confirm the presence and validity of the Tax code and the VAT number to users interested in integrating it into their apps. 

The following services for confirming their validity and existence will be offered through the API Management platform: 

  • The Tax code aimed at verifying the existence of the Tax code and its conformity with the personal information in the Tax Registry. 
  • The VAT number is intended to be used to confirm its validity and to provide details about: the VAT number’s activity status; the subject’s name, or, in the absence of this information, the name and last name of the owner’s natural person. 

The Agency provides the services for five years beginning on the access date. 

Effective date: 15 May 2023 



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