Nota Fiscal Eletrônica e-invoicing update

April 12, 20230

Type: Legislation

Brazil postponed the Nota Fiscal de Serviós Eletrônica (NFS-e) requirement from 3rd of April to 1 September 2023 for small and unincorporated taxpayers. The electronic invoice system records the payment amount, and service provider. Since last year, a new national NFS-e standard service has made it feasible to produce an electronic invoice that includes details such as the customer’s CPF or CNPJ, the service rendered, and the transaction’s cost. 

The Nota Fiscal Eletrônica NF-e electronic invoicing system in Brazil is run by SEFAZ, the commodities tax authority. In 2005, it launched the NF-e. NFC-e for business-to-consumer(B2C) transactions and NFS-e for services are the other two primary e-invoice types in Brazil. 

Effective date: 1 September 2023



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