Croatia Fiscalization 2.0 Project

April 12, 20230

Type: Legislation

Croatia’s Tax Administration and Ministry of Finance have created a new financial project with the goals of modernizing the financial system, enabling VAT integration, maintaining e-Archives, online records of VAT, and paying cashless payments via e-Invoice. The project is anticipated to be completed in 2024, per the project’s implementation plan. These are a few of the programs that will be put into practice as part of this project: 

  1. Creation of an account for the declaration of non-cash accounts issued by state organizations to the tax office and the financialization of accounts set up for the execution of B2G transactions;
  2. To pay cashless via an electronic account in the accounts where B2B transactions are done, maintain an active VAT system ledger record, and create an integrated e-archive;
  3. Developing a no-cost application for small taxpayers to issue e-Invoices.

The benefits of implementing this new initiative include streamlined tax returns, open business and payment processes, credit checks, and the conversion of paper records to digital records. 

Effective date: 2024 


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